Whisper of Soul - Game Partnership

News Apr 25, 2022

We are happy to introduce a new game coming soon to our Game Launchpad, raising a public investment (IDO) exclusively for the Elixir community!

Whisper of Soul is a high-quality play2earn battle-royale video game that mixes the souls-like genre with Dungeons & Dragons universe. Designed to fit the dynamics of eSport competitions and stimulate gameplay and economic exchange between players.

Defeat your opponents and collect their souls, obtaining epic and unique skins and weapons. The game includes an abundant variety of NFT mechanics to upgrade stats and the rarity of your skins, at the time users can combine the 4 existing ways of earning game tokens: NFT farming, in-game achievements, token staking and liquidity providing.

Whisper of Soul - Gameplay trailer

Whisper of Souls features a revolutionary Bet mode, where the players can bet their NFTs against other users. The winner takes them all. Players can also participate in esports tournaments to win prizes. We want all items to be compatible with the Metaverse.

A rewarding play2earn system with NFT staking, farming, season pass & game events with the ability to play for free.

Whisper of Soul - Bet mode
Whisper of Soul - Bet mode


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