Elixir Games to Power GameStop Playr Platform

News Jul 22, 2023

Web3 gaming distribution platform, Elixir Games, is set to join forces with GameStop, one of the world's largest gaming retailers. The companies announced their strategic collaboration to power a web3 games distribution platform, GameStop Playr.

Elixir Games will manage the infrastructure for GameStop Playr, overseeing a wide range of functionalities, including the Web3 game launcher, game hosting, tournament management, game discovery pages, and social capabilities. This comprehensive solution from Elixir is expected to enhance game discoverability and playability, offering an engaging gaming experience to users.

The partnership with GameStop aims to enhance the discoverability and ease of access of web3 games, mirroring the accessibility seen in traditional games. This initiative is poised to enable millions of gamers to delve into this new genre through an engaging platform. Additionally, the collaboration will feature Elixir's own developed titles on the platform.

Carlos Roldan, Founder & CEO of Elixir Games, shared his excitement about the collaboration. He said, "We are thrilled to collaborate with GameStop to bring high-quality games to their loyal audience and fanbase." Roldan highlighted the potential of the Elixir-powered game launcher as a one-stop solution for gamers, providing access to next-gen games bolstered by open economies and player-owned experiences.

Elixir Games invites game publishers interested in marketing and distribution on GameStop Playr to contact them for further information. The strategic partnership promises to pave the way for an expansive web3 gaming ecosystem, accessible to a broad audience.

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