Psyker & Elixir - Partnership Announcement

News Sep 10, 2022

Both parties are thrilled about this new collaboration and look forward to benefiting from ever-increasing synergies as both projects continue to develop and gain momentum.

Distribution of Psyker

The agreement regards the provision of Psyker on the Elixir Platform which will also announce all future updates and related developments of the game. Moreover, Elixir will feature all current and future NFTs presented by Psyker, maximizing their project visibility and redirecting traffic to the corresponding marketplace on which they are for sale.

Psyker will be ready for feature on the Elixir.App platform on  September 30th, 2022 and downloadable for all compatible Windows setups.

Psyker will feature a Free-to-Play mode that welcomes users to play the game just for fun. There will also feature a ranked, blockchain-based mode with crypto and NFT elements, in which tournaments and competitions can be organized. As a skill-based game, the more you win the more you earn.

Psyker and Elixir share a vision of bringing to the public quality games that prioritize fun and competition. We want our users to enjoy playing our games and get excited about them!

Co-Marketing (Tournament events, Airdrops & more)

Psyker and Elixir may conduct weekly game events and/or tournaments to promote the community engagement from Elixir in the Psyker game.

Psyker and Montropoly/Lightnite can provide a cross-promotion NFT/token drop collaboration, together with a gaming night session and give-aways some NFTs from the drop to lucky winners and participants.

This partnership is set to cultivate community growth through both game distribution and an ever-growing range of additional collaborations. Elixir's expanding network of new games and partners is at Psyker disposal to maximize the network effect, growth & quality collaboration in the Elixir ecosystem.

Our teams will work together to develop new initiatives that take advantage of our aligned marketing synergies. The aim is to add value to the NFT’s of both parties via strategic collaborations.


Step into a dystopian cyberpunk world where man-made nanobot parasites have ‘leaked’ from a lab, turning some of Psyon City’s inhabitants into biomechanical genetically modified warriors, called Psykers. Psyon City is ravaged by violence, chaos, and is on the brink of collapse. Psykers have to embark on a journey to piece together what's left of Psyon City, learning to use their newly acquired abilities against those who get in their way.

Psyker is reinventing the fighting game genre with RPG-like character customization, social spaces, asset ownership, and pvp token wagers.

Psyker prides itself on high quality gameplay and mechanics available and both free to play and play to earn players paths.

Ferris Games is the Web3 Game Studio behind Psyker. Founded in 2021, Ferris Games is focused on building an ecosystem of games, tools, and IP that embraces digital ownership & locks in value for gamers.


Elixir Games is one of the pioneers in the web3 gaming distribution infrastructure & blockchain gaming sector, with initial titles such as Light Nite and Monstropoly. Incorporated in 2018, here are some details about the company background & milestones achieved over the last years.

The company’s core business operates via the Elixir Game Platform, where the next generation of web3 game studios can access a complete range of services to ensure successful game launches: from co-marketing (via airdrops, tournaments and game events) to distribution (via the Elixir launcher), full distribution services and advisory to enhance gameplay, marketing, tokenomics, security practises and much more.


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