Introducing the Elixir Raffle System: Win Big Every Week!

News May 30, 2024

As we teased last week, it's official! We are thrilled to launch the Elixir Raffle System inside our Launcher, kicking off on May 30th. This exciting new feature will run every Monday and Thursday until July 4th, offering our community numerous chances to win fantastic prizes. With a total of $200,000 worth of $ELIX tokens, NFTs from some of the most popular collections, including our own Flasks, and game codes for popular games up for grabs, there has never been a better time to get involved with Elixir Games.

The Raffle System: How It Works

Participation in the Elixir Raffle System is simple and rewarding. Players can earn tickets by engaging with our platform in various ways, such as playing games, completing quests, or fully immersing themselves in our ecosystem. Once you've accumulated tickets, you can join our weekly raffles by exchanging them for the opportunity to win exciting prizes. There's no upper limit on the number of entries you can get, so the more you play and engage, the greater your chances of winning!

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can participate:

  1. Engage with the Platform: Play games, complete quests, and immerse yourself in the Elixir Games ecosystem to earn tickets.
  2. Exchange Tickets for Entries: Use your earned tickets to enter the weekly raffles.
  3. Win Exciting Prizes: Keep an eye on our announcements every Monday and Thursday to see if you’re a lucky winner.

Kickoff Raffle: Start Winning Today!

Starting today, you will see a series of giveaways dedicated to our most loyal community members. For our very first raffle, we are giving out 100,000 worth of $ELIX tokens and a y00ts NFT!

Here are the prize details for the first raffle:

  • 1 Winner: 40,000 $ELIX tokens
  • 5 Winners: 8,000 $ELIX tokens each
  • 10 Winners: 2,000 $ELIX tokens each
  • 1 Winner: y00ts NFT

This is an excellent opportunity for both new and existing players to get their hands on some valuable rewards. Whether you win a significant amount of $ELIX tokens or a rare y00ts NFT, these prizes will enhance your Elixir Games experience and provide further engagement with our ecosystem.

Winners will be announced in our Launcher, so make sure to check back every Monday and Thursday to see if you’ve won.

Upcoming Raffles:

The next four raffles are also visible in the launcher, so you can plan when to use your tickets. Rumor has it that the final raffle may come with a massive giveaway, so stay tuned and keep collecting those tickets for your chance to win big!

Join the Season Pass Today!

Don't miss out on these fantastic opportunities to win big with the Elixir Raffle System. By participating in the Season Pass, you not only stand a chance to earn incredible rewards but also contribute to the growing Elixir Games community. Engage with the platform, earn tickets, and enter the raffles to maximize your chances of winning.

Join us today and be a part of the Elixir Games revolution. For more information and to stay updated on all our events and raffles, follow our official communication channels. Let's make this season unforgettable together!


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