Flask NFT Holders: Exciting Times Ahead!

News Jul 5, 2024

We know it has been a quiet few weeks since the airdrop of $ELIX tokens, but we assure you there's a lot happening behind the scenes. Our recent freemint collection was a small token of our appreciation for your unwavering support over the years. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. We have some fantastic utilities coming your way, some of which you might not have heard much about yet. 👀

Upcoming Utilities for Elixir Holders

1. Access to Upcoming IGOs

One of the most exciting benefits you’ll receive is access to our upcoming Initial Game Offerings (IGOs). Those with the NFT flask won’t need to stake their $ELIX tokens and will receive a random staking tier that grants entry to a specific IGO. However, do keep in mind that once your flask is used in an IGO, it will be burned. Rumor has it that the next IGO will be happening in just a few months, and it's expected to go with a BOOM 💥. Wonder which project it might be related to?

2. Whitelisted Access to Profile Picture Collection

Another exclusive benefit is that interacting with or holding your flasks will grant whitelisted access to an upcoming profile picture collection currently in development. We are working diligently to make this new collection stand out, inspired by the feedback from our flask collection, and incorporating long-term utilities that extend beyond digital art. We aim to create something that feels more exclusive and beneficial to our community.

Digital ownership and the new frontier of blockchain technology offer countless possibilities. As avid gamers and firm believers in this technology, we are constantly exploring innovative ways to reward, thank, and engage with our gaming community. This journey is as exciting for us as it is for you, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us together.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being part of our journey!


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