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Events Sep 29, 2021

While we are still in Early Access the Light ⚡ Nite community is getting bigger everyday. To celebrate how far we have come together, and discover what's in the future of Light Nite, we are hosting a fan art contest to find artists around the Light Nite community.

From now until Sunday, October 10th, 11:59 PM, CET, post a fan creation of your favorite Light Nite skin, or create a NEW one! Tag your art with #LightNiteFanArt on Twitter, and follow us at @lightnitegame to have your fanart entered into the contest. Before Sunday, October 14th, we will announce the winners. 🛹


There are some rules for this fan art competition, so please read the following carefully along with the general info below.

  • Submit your art: you must submit your entry through Twitter with the #LightNiteFanArt hashtag
  • Content requirements: by entering, entrants warrant that their Entries contain only the Light Nite Assets, and/or their own, Original Creations.
  • Elixir account: each artist who submits an entry must have a valid Elixir account. Click here to create an Elixir account.
  • Sign your work: all entries MUST include your Light Nite nickname and country integrated to the right bottom corner of your art!
  • No Photos or screenshots: cosplay, and live-action photos are always great, but for this contest, any photographic or screenshot based “illustrations” will be disqualified.
  • Entry type: entries must be digital.
  • Eyes on your Twitter: potential winners will be contacted via Twitter (tweet or DM). Please make sure to watch  closely after the contest deadline.


  • The deadline for submission is Sunday, October 10th at 11:59
  • Winners will be announced and posted on or before November 1st
  • The work submitted to this contest must be originally made for this contest.
  • Satoshi's Games is the sole judge of the contest. All judgments are final.


🥇1st place: 100.000 sats + 1 random rare NFT

🥈2nd place: 40.000 sats + 1 random premium NFT

🥉3rd place: 20.000 sats + 3 random common NFT

Honorable mentions will receive 5.000 sats

If you have questions or assistance, please contact Elixir support on the chat icon at https://elixir.app

We hope you have fun creating art! GOOD LUCK! 🎇


Carlos Roldan

CEO & Founder at Satoshis Games INC

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