Elixir Launcher V3.0.0: Everything You Need to Know

News Jun 11, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the newest version of the Elixir Launcher, version 3.0.0.

This update brings new features and improvements designed to enhance your gaming experience. Let's dive into the details!

New Referral System

With this new update, we will be soon adding a referral system that allows users to earn rewards while invinting their friends. This feature will introduce over $150,000 in $ELIX rewards throughout the Season Pass. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to invite your friends to start earning!

Enhanced Download System

One of the primary focuses of this update is to address inconsistencies in the download system.

Here’s what’s new:

Resume Downloads: If your download is interrupted, it will now resume automatically once the application is reopened.

Corrupt File Fixes: Issues with possible corrupt files after download completion have been resolved.

New Information Display: Additional information such as download speed and unzipping speed during installation are now displayed for better user insight.

Managing downloads, installations, and game launching is now more streamlined with our new queue system:

Independent Queues: Three independent queues have been added for managing concurrent downloads, installations, and game launches.

Priority Settings: While not yet in use, a new feature allows for setting priorities in the queue, paving the way for future enhancements in managing game downloads and installations.

Browser and Library Improvements

Filter System: The filter system in both the Browse and Library sections has been improved for a more efficient search and organization experience.

General Updates

New URL: We’ve changed the URL of the launcher to https://elixir.games/

Smarter Download Page: The download page now intelligently selects between Intel or Silicon versions of the desktop launcher. ARM64/Silicon users will notice significantly faster performance.

Performance Upgrades

Performance has seen significant improvements in this update:

Reduced Installation Size: The desktop version installation size has been dramatically reduced from 1 GB to 250 MB on Mac OS, from 1 GB to 600 MB on Windows, and to under 100 MB on Linux.

Optimized Performance: Overall app performance has been enhanced with reduced codebase size, faster page transitions, and smoother navigation.

Resource Usage: Better utilization of CPU, RAM, and other resources ensures a faster and more efficient experience.

Improved Path Management

We’ve updated t

he path management system to avoid problems related to launching and uninstalling games, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Internal Enhancements

Event System: A new extensible event system has been implemented for better management of communication within the launcher.

Communication Security: The new communication system from Electron to the UI adds an extra layer of security by isolating the context.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve the quality of your gaming experience with Elixir.


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