Elixir Games Announces Strategic Acquisition of LitLab Games

News Dec 11, 2023

Barcelona – December 6, 2023 – Elixir Games, a leading web3 gaming distribution platform backed by Square Enix, today  announced the acquisition of LitLab Games, the renowned creators of 'CyberTitans.' This title has consistently been the most played game on the Elixir Games Launcher for the past twelve months, showcasing its vast popularity and appeal in the gaming community.

This strategic acquisition for Elixir Games mirrors successful growth strategies of industry giants such as Steam, with its ownership of 'CS:GO,' and Epic Games, the proprietor of 'Fortnite.' By acquiring LitLab Games, Elixir Games not only strengthens its position in the gaming market, but enriches its diverse portfolio, emulating the most successful models in the game launcher sector.

"We are incredibly excited to welcome 'CyberTitans' to the Elixir Games family. This acquisition underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and our forward-thinking approach to the future of web3 gaming," said Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games. "With our forthcoming major update, we are ready to redefine the gaming landscape, employing advanced technology to offer unparalleled experiences to our gaming community."

With the inclusion of 'CyberTitans,' Elixir Games now proudly oversees three major titles, including Tinies,' a mobile game known for its fast-paced and casual battles, 'No Way Back,' a whimsical, cartoon-style ninja battle royale, and the newly added 'CyberTitans,' an esports-oriented strategy auto-battler game. This acquisition is another significant step in Elixir Games' mission to become a powerhouse in the gaming industry.

LitLab Games' CEO, Danyil Shatko, added, "During this year, we have grown together with Elixir Games thanks to the fact that our objectives and teams complement each other perfectly. The union of Elixir and LitLab Games positions us as the most innovative project within the web3 gaming industry. This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment as we set the stage for unparalleled innovation and excellence in the dynamic landscape of gaming.”

Furthermore, Elixir Games Launcher is preparing for a major update, aiming to transform the gaming experience by unifying its game ecosystem and unveiling a groundbreaking web3 strategy. This innovative approach is set to introduce a new era in gaming, utilizing blockchain technology to enhance player engagement and open new avenues in the gaming world.

Elixir Games invites gamers, partners, and enthusiasts to stay engaged for more updates as it continues to innovate and expand its gaming horizon.


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