Elemental raiders - Chest and NFTs giveaway worth more than 12.000 USD

News Jan 26, 2023

Together with our game partner, Elemental raiders are giving away 12.000$ worth of NFTs and an exclusive Elixir Skin to the players that reach a certain level of the account from January 26th to the official P2E release on the 27th of February of 2023.

G4AL is excited to announce that their upcoming game, Elemental Raiders, will be available on the Elixir Platform. This partnership allows for seamless integration of all future updates and facilitating the Play-to-Earn features and all current and future NFTs presented by Elemental Raiders.

By playing Elemental Raiders on the Elixir platform, players will have access to the game's full range of features and the ability to fully own and trade digital assets through NFT technology and monetize their time by playing the game with their new fair and sustainable Play-To-Earn model.

We will look to explore opportunities to bring our communities together through in-game events, cross-promotions, and content integration. We will also look for ways to leverage our resources to provide access to exclusive content, tools, and support for the Elixir community.


The first promotion from Elemental raiders for Elixir users is to reward the players that play the game.

Requirements to enter the giveaway (only exclusive to Elixir users):

  • A player that reaches level 6 receives a guaranteed themed Ran Elixir skin.
  • Any player who reaches level 6 will enter in a raffle to obtain a uncommon NFT Skin
  • Skin: Silver Kong
  • Amount 500
  • Any player who reaches level 7 will enter in a raffle to obtain a rare NFT Skin.
  • Skin: Valor Igniel
  • Amount 250

If you reach level 7 you will be eligible for both the level 6 and level 7 raffle.

NFTs allows to earn more rewards by increasing their potential revenue from the P2E features while playing the game.


Elemental Raiders is a Free-to-Play turn-based role-playing game built on blockchain technology. Players assemble a team of three heroes to compete against other players in a PvP Arena and fight powerful monsters in a PvE scenario.

Players can progress and rank up on the leaderboard by competing against other players and upgrading their skills with the rewards obtained in the battle.

The game includes an innovative and unique Play-to-Earn economy, where all the revenue from Free-to-Play and Play-To-Earn features are distributed among players in a controlled, fair and self-sustainable environment. Elemental Raiders provides a competitive and high-quality gaming experience and a way to build their wealth.


Elixir Games is the leading web3 gaming distribution infrastructure and owner of several quality IP titles. Incorporated in 2018.

The company’s core business operates via the Elixir Game Platform, where the next generation of web3 game studios can access a complete range of services to ensure a successful game launch: from safe and flexible distribution of games at private and public stages to exposure through top content creators, cross-marketing activity and acceleration of go-to-market phase. Elixir has integrated more than 60 major web3 games and is positioned as the global platform's leading multi-chain web3 game launcher.


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