Conkis & Elixir - Partnership Announcement

News Jan 8, 2024

Both parties are thrilled about this new collaboration and look forward to benefiting from ever-increasing synergies as both projects continue to develop and gain momentum.

Distribution of Conkis

The agreement regards the provision of Conkis on the Elixir Platform which will also announce all future updates and related developments of the game. Moreover, Elixir will feature all current and future NFTs presented by Conkis, maximizing their project visibility and redirecting traffic to the corresponding marketplace on which they are for sale.

Conkis will be entering Elixir as a game partner and will be given support with their game launch. Conkis beta will be ready for feature on the Elixir.App platform.

Conkis and Elixir Games share a vision of bringing to the public quality games that prioritize fun and competition. We want our users to enjoy playing our games and get excited about them!


This partnership is set to cultivate community growth through both game distribution and an ever-growing range of additional collaborations.

Our teams will work together to develop new initiatives that take advantage of our aligned marketing synergies.

ABOUT Conkis

In Conkis, players command a medieval-like armies in a turn-based tactical battle to achieve victory through capturing flags or annihilating enemy forces. The game takes inspiration from both Chess and the Age of Empires series.

TCG system

Utilize a deck of cards to enhance your army's strategy in each game. Each card will be a unique, non-fungible token that you fully own. Thanks to the blockchain players would be able to trade the digital assets on third-party markets.


The main goal is to create a fair, balanced, and competitive game for all players. We use a ELO ranking system, allowing players to play solo or with friends in 2vs2 and 3vs3 queues.


Elixir Games is the leading web3 gaming distribution infrastructure and owner of several quality IP titles. Incorporated in 2018.

The company’s core business operates via the Elixir Game Platform, where the next generation of web3 game studios can access a complete range of services to ensure a successful game launch: from safe and flexible distribution of games at private and public stages, to exposure through top content creators, cross-marketing activity and acceleration of go-to-market phase. Elixir has integrated more than 60 major web3 games and is positioned as the leading multi-chain web3 game launcher in the global scene.


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