Announcing the Elixir Games DAO: Empowering $ELIX Holders!

News Jun 5, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Elixir Games DAO, an independent entity crafted to transform our gaming ecosystem. This new utility for $ELIX holders will enable our community to actively participate in shaping the future of Elixir Games through a democratic voting system.

What is the Elixir Games DAO?

The Elixir Games DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is dedicated to the following objectives:

  1. Expanding Brand Awareness: The DAO aims to amplify the recognition of Elixir Games within the crypto and gaming communities.
  2. Enhancing $ELIX Ecosystem Value: Members can influence the growth and value of the $ELIX token by actively participating in governance decisions.
  3. Market Research and Analysis: The DAO offers the opportunity to leverage community insights into the web3 gaming market, aiding Elixir Games in their decision-making process.
  4. Launchpad Decisions and Feature Development: Members will have a say in critical decisions related to game launches and feature development.

The DAO operates based on the principles of transparency, inclusivity, and active participation, ensuring that every member has a voice in the decision-making process.

Key Features of the Elixir Games DAO

Membership: Open to all $ELIX token holders committed to the DAO’s objectives. Members must adhere to a stringent code of conduct and actively engage in DAO activities. Membership can be revoked for violations of the code of conduct or inactivity.

Governance: Decisions are made through a democratic voting process, with each member’s vote weighted by their $ELIX holdings. Major decisions require a quorum of at least 50% of the voting power and a majority vote of 60% for approval. In the future, a council of nominated members will oversee the addition of new decisions to the DAO.

Transparency: All activities, including financial transactions, voting results, and meeting minutes, are publicly accessible to all members. Monthly reports on the DAO’s activities and financial status will be published.

Code of Conduct: Respect and inclusivity are paramount. Members must act with integrity and honesty, promote collaboration, and take accountability for their actions.

Treasury and Funding: The DAO will manage its own treasury to fund activities related to its objectives. Proposals for funding allocation must be detailed and require a 60% approval rate from voting members. All expenses will be documented and reported quarterly.

DAO Incentives

To kickstart the Elixir Games DAO, we are excited to announce that Elixir Games is donating 50,000 USDT and 30,000 $ELIX to the DAO’s treasury. This generous contribution will provide a strong foundation for our initiatives, allowing us to make significant strides in brand awareness, ecosystem development, and market analysis from the start.

In addition to this initial funding, we will implement a milestone-based funding system. The DAO's performance will be rewarded with more incentives based on achieving specific milestones in the overall activity and participation of the Elixir Games Ecosystem. More details will be provided in the coming weeks.

What to Expect

While there may be some modifications, here’s what you can anticipate for the remaining months as we transition from the initial version of the DAO to a fully-autonomous one owned by the community:

  • June-July: Under supervision, key proposals will be gathered from community feedback and proposed for voting at the discretion of the Elixir Games team.
  • August: The structure of the council will be defined based on feedback from the community and criteria set by the Elixir Games team. A campaign process will commence where key community members can present their candidacy for the various council seats available.
  • End of August: A voting period of 1-2 weeks will occur where all $ELIX holders can participate and vote for the different candidates and their respective seat applications.
  • September 1: The results will be announced, and each council member will be assigned a representative NFT. From this point forward, future DAO proposals will be raised by the council members and will require a quorum among them to be sent for overall voting by members.
  • Rotation every 6 months: Every 6 months, new members will be chosen for the council seats. By this time, we anticipate the Elixir Games DAO to be fully autonomous and managed by the community.

How to Get Involved

Starting today, $ELIX holders will be able to participate in the voting process and directly influence the future of Elixir Games. To get involved:

  1. Ensure you hold $ELIX tokens.
  2. Visit Elixir Games DAO to participate in the voting.
  3. Stay active and engage with the community through our various channels.

Staking for Voting Multiplier

To further empower our community and enhance your influence within the DAO, you can stake your $ELIX tokens on the platform. By staking your tokens for up to 5 years, you can gain a voting multiplier, increasing the weight of your votes.

To enhance your voting power, visit the "My Governance Power" section. Here, you can stake your $ELIX tokens to achieve a voting multiplier of up to 6.59x for a 5-year commitment. This means the longer you commit your tokens, the more significant your impact on the decision-making process will be.

  • Staking Period: Up to 5 years
  • Voting Multiplier: Increases with the length of the staking period. Up to 6.59x for a 5-year staking period

This initiative rewards long-term commitment and ensures that those who are most invested in the success of Elixir Games have a greater say in its future.

We encourage all $ELIX holders to join us in this exciting new chapter. Together, we can drive innovation, growth, and success within the Elixir Games ecosystem.


The Elixir Games DAO represents a major step forward in our commitment to decentralization and community involvement. By giving $ELIX holders a platform to voice their opinions and make decisions, we are empowering our community and fostering a more inclusive and dynamic ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to make your voice heard in the Elixir Games DAO!

Appendix - Elixir DAO

General Policies


  1. Membership is open to individuals who hold $ELIX tokens and demonstrate a commitment to the goals of the Elixir DAO.
  2. Members must adhere to the code of conduct and actively participate in DAO activities.

  3. Membership can be revoked for violations of the code of conduct or inactivity.


  1. Decisions within the DAO are made through a democratic voting process where each member’s vote is weighted based on their $ELIX holdings.
  2. Major decisions require a quorum of at least 50% of the voting power and a majority vote of 60% for approval.


  1. All DAO activities, including financial transactions, voting results, and meeting minutes, are publicly accessible to all members.
  2. Regular reports on the DAO’s activities and financial status will be published monthly.


  1. Members must maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information disclosed during DAO activities and discussions.
  2. Breaching confidentiality may result in immediate termination of membership.

Code of Conduct

Respect and Inclusivity:

  1. Treat all members with respect, regardless of their background, opinions, or level of involvement.
  2. Harassment, discrimination, and abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Integrity and Honesty:

  1. Act with integrity and honesty in all DAO-related activities.
  2. Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts immediately.


  1. Promote a collaborative environment by actively participating in discussions, sharing knowledge, and supporting fellow members.
  2. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but personal attacks are prohibited.


  1. Members are expected to contribute to the DAO’s goals through participation in discussions, voting, and execution of tasks.
  2. Inactivity for more than three consecutive months without prior notice may lead to loss of membership privileges.


  1. Take responsibility for your actions and decisions within the DAO.
  2. Members who fail to fulfill their commitments or violate the code of conduct may be subject to disciplinary actions, including removal from the DAO.

Treasury and Funding

Treasury Management

  1. The DAO will manage its own treasury to cover expenses related to its goals.
  2. Treasury funds will be used for expanding brand awareness, increasing the ecosystem value, conducting research and analysis, and participating in launchpad decisions.

Funding Allocation

  1. Proposals for funding allocation must be detailed, including the purpose, expected outcomes, and budget.
  2. Funding proposals require a 60% approval rate from voting members to be executed.

Expense Reporting

  1. All expenses must be documented and reported to the DAO on a quarterly basis.
  2. Financial transparency is mandatory, and all members have the right to audit the treasury’s expenditures.

Specific Policies for Focus Areas

Brand Awareness

  1. Members involved in brand awareness activities must ensure that all communications and representations of Elixir Games are accurate and uphold the brand’s reputation.
  2. Participation in web3 events must be documented and reported back to the DAO.
  3. Participation in

Ecosystem Value

  1. Decisions and activities aimed at increasing the value of the $ELIX ecosystem must be based on thorough research and analysis.
  2. Members must avoid any actions that could negatively impact the ecosystem or its perception.

Research and Analysis

  1. All research and analysis must be conducted with academic rigor and transparency.
  2. Findings should be shared with the DAO in a timely manner and be accessible to all members.

Launchpad Decisions

  1. Participation in launchpad decisions requires members to evaluate games, tokenmomics and features based on established criteria.
  2. Members must disclose any affiliations or biases related to projects under consideration.


Reporting Violations

  1. Members can report violations of the code of conduct to a designated ethics committee within the DAO.
  2. Reports will be investigated confidentially and fairly.

Disciplinary Actions

  1. Depending on the severity of the violation, disciplinary actions may range from a warning to termination of membership.
  2. Appeals can be made to a committee of randomly selected members for reconsideration.


  1. Policies and the code of conduct may be amended by a majority vote of the DAO’s members.
  2. Proposed amendments must be published for review at least two weeks before the vote.

Independence and Liability Clause

  1. Elixir Games and its affiliates do not belong to the DAO, do not exercise power within it, nor in decision-making processes. Consequently, Elixir Games and its affiliates are not responsible for any actions or decisions taken by the DAO.


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