Welcome to 🧪Elixir

Jun 15, 2021

Elixir is the first bitcoin gaming platform with games that reward you with bitcoin like Light ⚡ Nite or 🔥 Satvival. Elixir has his own bitcoin NFT marketplace.


First of all you need to download and still Elixir launcher at https://elixir.app. You must extract the contents of the .zip file.

After installing the Elixir Gaming Platform you have to create an account for free. You can find it below at "Don't have an account? Create it here". After filling up the form you have will have your Elixir account! 🎉

If you are coming from Light ⚡ Nite or 🔥 Satvival, just login with your credentials.


Search for the game that you want to buy. Click on "Buy" or "Pre-order", you will have 2 options:

  • Pay with FIAT: put your card details and accept the EULA.
  • Pay with Bitcoin: accept the EULA and click on TurinPay, an invoice will appear. Simple copy the address or open it in your wallet. You can pay with Bitcoin (on-chain) or with Lightning Bitcoin. We recommend using the lightning bitcoin for instant payment and lower fees. If you pay with bitcoin on-chain, have in mind that might take hours to be confirmed.


If you purchased the game you will be able to install the game. After you install it go to "Library" or "Home" again, click on the "play button" and the game will start. 🛹


Go to "Store" and click on "NFTs". Select the NFT that you want. Click on "Buy now" and select a payment method: FIAT or Bitcoin (you can pay it on-chain or lightning). ⚡


If you want to sell NFTs, or buy more NFTs, you can go to the bitcoin NFT marketplace. Just login with your Elixir account and you are ready to start trading! 📊

You want to know more about Elixir Market? Here is a in-depth guide: https://blog.elixir.app/welcome-to-elixir-market/


Join the official Discord server of Elixir: https://discord.gg/bv4CcmPWgq

Light ⚡Nite is a battle royale with in-game bitcoin rewards.

🔥 Satvival is a multiplayer survival game with in-game bitcoin rewards.

We hope you have fun playing Elixir games, discovering new games and earning bitcoin.

Carlos Roldan

CEO & Founder at Satoshis Games INC

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