Elixir FAQ

Aug 04, 2021

Updated: August, 2021

What is the Elixir Gaming Platform?
The Elixir platform is a Blockchain gaming platform based on the bitcoin lightning network that allow players to earn satoshis for their time playing games, and support a free market economy of the assets their time gains.

How do I access the Elixir Gaming Platform?
By heading to http://launcher.elixir.app and clicking on the "Download" button to get the Elixir launcher.

What payment methods does the Elixir Gaming Platform accept?
Currently the supported methods are Debit/Credit card and BTC. Start selecting the game that you want to buy, then click on "Buy now" and choose between the two payment methods.

Can I ask for a refund?
You can perfectly ask for a refund as long as:
- you didn't withdraw your sats
- you didn't claim any reward in the section "Pending rewards" in the Elixir launcher for sharing/using a referral link or purchasing a game.

How do I withdraw my Sats?
By clicking the withdraw button in the wallet section of the Elixir launcher. Then in a lighting compatible wallet create an invoice for the amount you're sending, enter the invoice information and then press send.

How do I withdraw my NFT’s?
Open the Marketplace and click on "wallet" on the left. Select your NFT and a withdraw button will appear. Click on it and add a valid address by creating an invoice with your lightning wallet. You will have to pay the fee (2000 sats) for every withdrawal.

How do I buy / sell / trade NFT’s?
Go into the Elixir Launcher and click "Marketplace".
Search any NFT you would like to buy clicking on the "Market" button on the left. In "Wallet" you'll be able to check all your assets and their value. To withdraw an NFT click on it and select "withdraw". To sell an NFT double click on it, click on "View in market" and then "Sell". Finally in "Activity" you'll find all NFTs you put on sale and their status.

How do I view my trades?
In the App, go to “Activity” and all actions made within the Elixir Marketplace will be listed here under History.

How do I unlist an NFT?
In the App, go to “Activity”, and under the “Status” column there will be a red X. If you click on it, the sell will be cancelled.

Can we deposit Sats in the Elixir Gaming Platform wallet?
No, at the moment you can only win Sats in game or via the Marketplace by selling NFT’s.

Is there a list of recommended compatible wallets?
Here is a list of lightning wallet : https://lightningnetworkstores.com/wallets You could use Wallet of Satoshi, Blue Wallet or any lighting compatible wallet.

How do I download the games?
You can download and buy the games on the Elixir launcher, if you don’t have the Elixir launcher yet you can download in on the website http://launcher.elixir.app Install it and create your account or log in if you already have an account.

What are the Elixir transaction fees for withdrawals?

Elixir has a 2000 sat withdrawal fee for NFT’s. However, Sat withdrawals are free.

Is there a daily withdrawal limit?
Yes, there is a daily limit based upon your withdrawal tier. Share your referral link with as many users as possible in order to increase your withdrawal tier.

How do Elixir Gaming Platform referrals work?
You can be rewarded in Sats if your friends purchase a game using your referral link. You will both get added benefits.

How do I contact Elixir Gaming Platform Support?
By clicking the support bubble in the bottom right corner of the website https://elixir.app/

Can I change my username/email address?
The options to change username and email address will be implemented, but just now you have to contact the Elixir Gaming Platform staff.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do now?
Click on the password recovery button "I forgot my password" on the launcher or on the website https://elixir.app/

If I buy a game and uninstall it, do I have to pay again to reinstall the game?
No, once a game is purchased on the email associated with your elixir account you will always be able to re-download it.

Carlos Roldan

CEO & Founder at Satoshis Games INC

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