Last Days of the Elixir Season Pass! Meet Our Partners

Jul 2, 2024

We're entering the final stretch of our firat Season Pass, where users earn rewards interactively by completing daily quests on our platform.

How to Participate

  1. Enter the Launcher and navigate to the Quest section in the Season Pass tab.
  2. Claim your daily chest simply by logging in.
  3. Get 7 in a row to maximize your trophies!
  4. Complete the available quests, which refresh every 24 hours.
  5. Find a friend and earn even more rewards together with our referral program

There’s a variety of missions: play games, interact on social media, and special missions like holding Elixir or voting in the DAO, which offer boosted prizes!

Meet our partners

Introducing our available games, where you can participate and win rewards:


A strategy game in the "auto battler" genre. Assemble your team of Titans and manage your economy smartly throughout the game.


A game blending battle, crafting, exploration, and trading. Use your skills to become the most powerful caveman or tribe in CaveWorld!

Chronos Worlds
Dive into this web3 action-adventure game with a post-apocalyptic RPG setting.

Katana Inu
A free-to-play fighting game where you can earn exclusive NFTs and Katana Inu tokens as in-game rewards.

Explore a mysterious land full of mystical creatures Collect them, battle other players, and grow them stronger.

Elemental Raiders
Assemble a team of heroes and create the best deck of skills to fight against raid bosses and other players in the Arena

Mokens League
Experience the ultimate football game. Prepare your dream team, strategize, and rise to the top.

Now is the time to showcase your skills, complete quests, and climb the leaderboard for huge prizes.

Are you going to miss the final days of the Season Pass?

Get started today, few days left with tons of fun and prizes are looking for you

We game with Elixir!

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