Celebrating Milestones With Special Season Pass Quests!

Jun 7, 2024

May has been an incredibly busy and successful month at Elixir Games! We are thrilled to share some exciting updates and celebrate our recent milestones with our amazing community. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished and how we’re celebrating:

The Season Pass Launch has been a huge success and continues to improve every week. Our Flask NFT Collection, beloved by the community, provides exclusive access to IGOs and an upcoming $ELIX airdrop. The successful $ELIX Listing marks a significant milestone for us, and we recently launched the Elixir Games DAO to empower our community and enhance participation.

Tackling the Bot Challenge

Recently, we've noticed a significant increase in bot activity within our ecosystem. Bots have been winning around 80% of the raffle prizes, undermining the fairness and excitement for our genuine community members. This unfair advantage not only skews the results but also diminishes the experience for our dedicated players who contribute genuinely to the community.

To combat this, we’ve cleaned all tickets and trophies acquired by bots this season and invalidated their raffle entries, ensuring a level playing field for everyone. Additionally, we have reduced the trophies from the daily chest from 10 to 1 and removed three of the easiest quests that could lead to exploits.

Starting tomorrow, June 8th at 0:00 UTC, we will introduce three special quests to our Season Pass with boosted rewards, designed to not only celebrate our recent milestones but also to specifically reward our real, active users.

Special Season Pass Quests

To celebrate these achievements, we are adding three special and limited quests to our Season Pass. These quests offer a fantastic opportunity to earn trophies, rank up the leaderboard, and win juicy rewards, including tickets for weekly raffles and even $ELIX itself. More so, the season has now been extended to the 4th of July so don't miss out!

Trader Mission Launch

We are excited to announce the Trader Mission Launch in collaboration with Bybit. This quest is not only a chance to engage with our trading community but also an opportunity to participate in the Bybit Splash Event for trading $ELIX.

  • Complete the quest: Sign up and deposit 2,000 $ELIX on Bybit using this link. This quest is limited to one per user, so don’t miss out!
  • Verify: Open a ticket on our Discord and submit a screenshot with your deposit and your Bybit UUID. Once verified, you'll receive 100 tickets, 300 trophies, and $50 in $ELIX, courtesy of Bybit, within approximately seven days. Dive into the Bybit Splash Event and trade $ELIX to maximize your rewards!

DAO Participation Incentive

We invite you to take an active role in shaping the future of Elixir Games with our DAO Participation Incentive. To get involved, ensure you hold $ELIX tokens and visit the Elixir Games DAO to participate in the current voting. You can even stake your $ELIX tokens on the platform and gain a voting multiplier, increasing the weight of your votes.

  • Complete the quest: Participate in the Elixir Games DAO using your $ELIX tokens.
  • Verify: Open a ticket on our Discord and submit your transaction ID (txid) for the vote. Once verified, you'll receive 50 tickets and 100 trophies within about three days. Your voice matters, and we can’t wait to see your contributions!

Become a Holder

Embrace your role as a dedicated member of our community: by purchasing $400 worth of $ELIX or 1 Flask NFT using the same wallet linked in the Elixir Games Launcher, you can strengthen your stake in our ecosystem. $ELIX is available on several major exchanges, including Gate.io, Mexc, and Bybit, as well as decentralized exchanges like Orca and Jupiter. With the ongoing quest of trading and the Bybit Splash Event promotion you may complete two missiones in one go! Additionally, you can explore and purchase our Flask NFTs on the Magic Eden NFT Marketplace, which also give you exclusive access to IGOs and an upcoming $ELIX airdrop.

  • Complete the quest: Purchase $400 worth of $ELIX or 1 Flask NFT using the same wallet linked in the Elixir Games Launcher.
  • Verify: Open a ticket on our Discord and submit your transaction ID (txid). Once verified, you'll receive 20 tickets and 50 trophies within approximately five days. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your collection and earn valuable rewards, showing your commitment to the future of Elixir Games.

Adjustment of Leaderboard Rewards

After careful consideration and with the intention to minimize the impact of exploiter accounts, we've adjusted the leaderboard rewards table, now capping the rewards at the 50,000th participant.

We are confident this adjustment will still provide rewards to the majority of our active user base while offering even more opportunities for every current and new player that joins for the remainder of the season. The extra compensation from the original table will be redistributed to the remaining raffles, which will resume next Monday with boosted prizes. Additionally, a referral system will be available next week. This referral system will allow everyone to earn more tickets for both your contributions and those of your referrals, giving you an additional chance to earn more rewards from the raffles. If you're among the top 50 referees, you can earn even more $ELIX.

Don't Miss Out!

These new changes are our way to celebrate with you, our passionate community members, the support received so far while also giving you more opportunities to earn rewards until the end of the Season, more so with the Special Quests. These special quests are our way of celebrating the incredible milestones we've achieved together and rewarding our community for their unwavering support and participation. Your active involvement not only helps you earn but also contributes to the growth and success of the Elixir Games ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy questing!

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