$ELIX IDO: Special Round for $LITT Stakers

May 24, 2024

Important update: To ensure fairness, we are now prioritizing whitelisting wallets by staking date for the $LITT Special Round in the $ELIX IDO. This means earlier stakers will have priority access to the allocation. We hope this change addresses your concerns while providing opportunities for all participants.

We are excited to announce a special round for $LITT stakers in our $ELIX IDO, providing an exclusive opportunity to participate before the general public. For our valued community, we have allocated up to $650,000 for this exclusive round

Round Term Details

$LITT stakers can opt in to one of the following investments on a 1:1 ratio based on the $LITT tokens they have staked. Allocation is not guaranteed; please refer to the timeline section.

Term 1

  • Total Allocation: $250K
  • Unlocked at TGE: 15%
  • Cliff: 0.25M
  • Vesting: 3M
  • $ELIX price: $0.05
  • Maximum Allocation per user: 600,000 $ELIX ($30,000)
  • Minimum Allocation per user: 20,000 $ELIX ($1,000)

Term 2

  • Total Allocation: $400K
  • Unlocked at TGE: 0%
  • Cliff: 3M
  • Vesting: 24M
  • $ELIX price: $0.039.
  • Maximum Allocation per user: 600,000 $ELIX ($23,400)
  • Minimum Allocation per user: 20,000 $ELIX ($780)

How to Participate:

  1. Stake $LITT Tokens: If you haven’t staked your tokens yet, visit the staking page to stake your $LITT tokens. Stake an amount equal to the $ELIX tokens you wish to purchase, keeping in mind the minimum and maximum allocation of the term you want to participate in. For example, to invest $1,000 in $ELIX at $0.05 per token (totaling 20,000 $ELIX), you need to stake 20,000 $LITT tokens.
  2. Complete KYC: Follow this link to submit your KYC application and ensure it is approved. Provide the same SOL wallet as the one you want to receive your $ELIX tokens.
  3. Fill Out the Form: Complete our Google Form in this link with the following information:
  • Approved KYC email
  • BNB wallet used for staking
  • SOL wallet to receive $ELIX tokens (must match your KYC application)
  • Allocation amount and chosen terms
  • Email and Telegram username for direct contact (email must match your KYC email)

Please make sure to complete all the steps before May 27.


1. Form Collection (24-27 May, 10am CET):

We will collect all applications.

2. Whitelisted Addresses Publication (27 May, 2pm CET):

Updated May 26: We will now prioritize whitelisting wallets by staking date until the allocation is filled and publish a document with eligible SOL wallets. These participants will be contacted individually. A waiting list will still be randomly created and sorted for those who don't respond within 24 hours.

3. Response Window for Whitelisted Wallets (27 May, 2pm CET - 28 May, 2pm CET):

Whitelisted wallets will have 24 hours to respond and send the requested allocation to the provided destination wallets. After sending the funds, your ticket will be confirmed.

4. Response Window for Waitlisted Wallets (28 May, 2pm CET - 29 May, 2pm CET):

If whitelisted wallets do not respond within 24 hours, we will contact waitlisted wallets. These will have another 24 hours to send the funds.

5. Round Closure (29 May, 2pm CET):

The round will close and no more payments will be accepted.

If You Miss Out:

If you miss out, we will have a special round starting on May 29 at 2pm CET on our IDO Launchpad open to the public. Please refer to this article for more information.

By participating in this special round, $LITT stakers can secure early access to $ELIX tokens and actively contribute to the growth of the Elixir Games ecosystem.

Join us on this exciting journey and be part of the Elixir Games revolution!

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