Seedify & Elixir - Partnership Announcement

Oct 1, 2022

Both parties are thrilled about this new collaboration and look forward to benefiting from ever-increasing synergies as both projects continue to contribute to the web3 gaming space.

Seedify and Elixir will work together to identify and support best quality web3, fun-first games, and to provide them with the best possible launching and distribution tools, as well as to offer incubation, integration and marketing services for games on both platforms.

The goal is using complementary sources and abilities to boost high adoption of new +AA titles that are showing up in the market recently, regardless of their infrastructure. Both Seedify and Elixir are cross-chain platforms, select titles by their quality and success potential and have similar long-term vision on how to achieve massive adoption of new web3 games by the web2 market.

Co-Marketing & Network

Additionally, Seedify and Elixir will provide cross-promotion NFT drop collaboration with their platform games, together with gaming night sessions and give-aways of  NFTs from the drop to lucky winners and participants.

This partnership is set to cultivate community growth through both cross-IP NFT collections and an ever-growing range of additional collaborations. Elixir & Seedify will share their network of partners to maximize the benefits of each project on marketing, strategic operations & growth.

ABOUT Seedify

Seedify is a Blockchain Gaming focused Incubator and Launchpad. By staking $SFUND, users become eligible to buy game tokens before everyone else, giving them the edge in the new web3 gaming era!

Seedify is a blockchain innovation hub with a decentralized incubator, and launchpad, for empowering the next innovations of the blockchain ecosystem, through community-driven governance, feedback, involvement and funding mechanisms.

Any entrepreneur/innovator can submit their projects to Seedify, get voted by the community, and get their seed fund as well as enter our incubation program by winning the votes.

Seedify has been developing an Avatar NFT collection:

The avatars will initially come as 2D collectible NFTs, with various looks, traits, and wearables. The set will be limited to 10.000 items. In the beginning, you will be able to rock them as profile pictures. In the future, you will be able to use them as your game-ready 3D avatars!


Elixir Games is one of the pioneers in the web3 gaming distribution infrastructure & blockchain gaming sector, with initial titles such as Light Nite and Monstropoly. Incorporated in 2018.

The company’s core business operates via the Elixir Game Platform, where the next generation of web3 game studios can access a complete range of services to ensure successful game launches: from co-marketing (via airdrops, tournaments and game events) to distribution (via the Elixir launcher), full distribution services to enhance gameplay, marketing, tokenomics, security and much more.

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