🦸 Satvival Jun 09, 2021

As the Satvival closed beta release date gets closer, we have put together a blog post to get started with this game & other amazing things you can find in Elixir.


Have you purchased satvival already? Then you should have received an email with very easy instructions about how to get started. But we will go over the process anyways, since it is extremely simple 💁‍♂️

First we need to go sign up at Elixir Launcher. If you are coming from Lightnite then, just login with your game credentials.

Elixir Launcher - Sign up
Elixir Launcher - Sign up

Once we are logged in Elixir, on the game page we can purchase the early access. The payment gateway accepts fiat credit cards & bitcoin + lightning network payments.

The process is very straight froward. Purchasing a game in Elixir takes less than 30 seconds. Once you have the game in your library, just click on it to start downloading the game. Next, click on it to launch the game and start stacking sats!

Elixir Launcher - Satvival purchase
Elixir Launcher - Satvival purchase
In case you still don't know 🤷 when the private beta release please check the roadmap at satvival. You can find additional details about the game development progress & milestones. There is also an internal game development roadmap with much more details about game mechanics here

About the Game

Let's have some details about the core of this bitcoin survival game.

Lightning Network Game

While designing Satvival game we did our best to make it a game for everyone where the Bitcoin integration is not the core of the game but rather an additional feature that makes the game more interactive and gives players the opportunity to monetize the time they spend playing games.

This is because we noticed that most of the "blockchain games" offer a static gaming experience, as the main focus of the studios which created them was on the technology side of the game and not on the gaming experience itself, which is limited to few in-game moves and the rest is all about trading and speculation.

Satvival - Main Character
Satvival - Main Character

Bitcoin Battle-Pass

A battle-pass with bitocin rewards and liquid NFTs have been implemented in the game. Satvival comes with a leveling system, so as lon as you are gaming you are earning experience by killing enemies, chopping trees & exploring the map.

When you level up, your receive the rewards displayed image below. We intend to update the battle-pass a few times per year to keep the game dynamic & engaging.

Survival Game

Designing a survival game from scratch with many systems in place it is extremely complciated. That is why we started from integrating multiple gaming systems to bootstrap time without affecting the game quality & functionalities:

  • Multiplayer Support
  • Character System
  • Combat System (Weapons/Unarmed)
  • Ranged Weapons System (Pistol/Rifle/Bow/Crossbow/Assault Rifle/Etc)
  • Building System (Modular)
  • Resources System (Trees Сhopping/Ore and Stones)
  • AI System (Enemies & Background animals)
  • Dynamic Interactive Foliage System
  • Advanced Spline System (Seagull/Fish School/Etc)
  • Complex Footstep System (Prints/Sounds/VFX)
  • Game Settings System (Graphic, Input, Game, Audio, Save/Load)
  • Mini & Global Map System
  • Water & Swim System
  • Multiplayer Chat System
  • Ability System (Food & Drinks & Books)
  • Weight & Damage System
  • HUD/UI/Hotbar System
  • Inventory System
  • Items & Durability System
Satvival - Gameplay
Satvival - Gameplay


Satvival - Map
Satvival - Map

Crafting & Building

Satvival - Crafting & Building gameplay
Satvival - Crafting & Building gameplay


The following types of items can be bought on the shop:

  • Wearables - cosmetic wearable items;
  • Backpacks - Backpacks to carry stuff;
  • Weapons - In-game items such as swords, pistols, etc.
Elixir Marketplace - Trade NFTs from Satvival
Elixir Marketplace - Trade NFTs from Satvival

Supply properties

Each item belongs to a rarity class which determines its total supply:

  • Legendary - 1 unit;
  • Rare - max supply of 100 units;
  • Premium - max supply of  500 units;
  • Normal - unlimited supply.

All in-game items are tokenized using the Bitcoin-sidechain Liquid, implying that any limited series of an item can be proved truly limited, and any user can check that their items belong to such limited editions, as well as their specific Liquid id and UTXO id.

This feature is crucial to strengthen confidence in users over the scarcity of items (and their authenticity when coming from a previous owner), and ultimately to develop a strong and reliable asset market, particularly for rarer items.

Elixir 🧪 Bitcoin NFT Market

You can buy or sell in the first bitcoin NFT Market for gamers, Elixir Market. https://market.elixir.app/home available on all devices.

Elixir Marketplace - Trade NFTs
Elixir Marketplace - Trade NFTs

If you want to know more about and what you can do at the Elixir Market 🧪. Check out this blog post: https://blog.elixir.app/welcome-to-elixir-market/

Elixir Marketplace - Withdraw your bitcoin
Elixir Marketplace - Withdraw your bitcoin

How to withdraw my balance?

First of all you must login at Elixir Marketplace. Click on "Wallet", then you have a button to withdraw your balance.

Elixir Marketplace - Withdraw bitcoin
Elixir Marketplace - Withdraw bitcoin
  • Lightning ⚡ Wallet: withdraw your sats to your lightning bitcoin wallet. You will have to put your L-wallet address.
  • +3.000 stores worlwide: withdraw with Bitrefill you can withdraw your balance in more than 3.000 stores worldwide.

This is it! We hope you love our progress and we are endeavoring to exceed your expectations to achieve bitcoin mass adoption through the means of our game 🙆‍♂️

And don't forget to follow us on social media to not miss a thing! 😊


Carlos Roldan

CEO & Founder at Satoshis Games INC

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