Monstropoly - MOBA game made by Satoshis Games

Mar 29, 2022

We are happy to introduce a new game coming soon to our Game Launchpad, raising a public investment (IDO) exclusively for the Elixir community!

Monstropoly is a next-gen MOBA game built using a play-to-earn model on top of BSC. This casual shooting game delivers PvP & cooperative PvE modalities with a juicy portfolio of 4 monster types & plenty of cosmetic skins with a rich gaming experience.

Create your unique monster then team up with friends, engage in thrilling battles and use your combat skills to earn money. In Monstropoly, many different paths lie ahead as the player must use skill to obtain rewards. Thanks to Monstropolians, players can take advantage of the game feature they enjoy most: from competing against others and breeding or trading NFTs to simply supporting the game at idle periods.

Monstropoly - Monster battle game
Monstropoly - Monster battle game
  • Playing the Game: Join your friends in a squad or play solo in different game modes. Complete daily challenges, level up your season pass and unlock different rewards and NFTs. Use your in-game tokens wisely to improve the stats and levels of your NFTs.
  • NFT breeding and lending: All game skins are unique NFTs that can be evolved and bred (up to 3 generations). Combine them to bring a new monster to life and double your reward generation ability - or lend them to other players and receive passive income.
  • Metaverse: Join a web VR to experience different events, engage with the community & create a different parallel digital life in our monstroverse.

Read more about our project in our Whitepaper:

Introduction - Monstropoly

Early Demo Available

There is an available demo in our discord for everyone! We also have OG & VIP passes for the community who want to get involved on a different level.

Join our discord server and get whitelisted!

Join the Monstropoly Discord Server!
Check out the Monstropoly community on Discord - hang out with 1,651 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
Monstropoly - ALPHA Early gameplay footage
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