Migration to Solana and 10% Total Supply Burn: A new era for $LITT

Jun 13, 2024

From the inception of our studio to the launch of our first game, CyberTitans, and the successful launch of the $LITT token, leading up to our acquisition by Elixir Games, your dedication has been our driving force.

We've been quite busy, but we couldn’t be more excited to share what lies ahead for the $LITT ecosystem.

We are about to announce one of the most significant steps in the history of the $LITT token.

10% $LITT Supply Burn: Enhancing Value and Community Support

In our commitment to bolster the value and support from our community, Elixir Games will be burning 10% of the $LITT supply, specifically from the team allocation.

This strategic move aims to increase the token's scarcity, potentially increasing its value and fostering a stronger community around it.

We believe this burn will reignite the hype and support that has always been the backbone of our success.

Growing with the Web3 Gamers: Migration to Solana

To ensure our games thrive within a vibrant and relentless gaming ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce the migration of the $LITT token to the Solana blockchain.

• Key Partnerships: The Solana Foundation is one of our key partners, and $ELIX is already a Solana native token.

• Growing Ecosystem: Solana hosts some of the best and fastest-growing games, such as Nyan Heroes and Star Atlas, offering a vibrant community of web3 gamers and developers.

• Enhanced Performance: Solana provides lower transaction fees and higher throughput, ensuring a better user experience and scalability for future growth.

Easy and Safe Token Transfer for All Holders: Wormhole

To facilitate this transition, a bridge for transferring your tokens will go live on July 4th, 2024.

The bridge will be powered by Wormhole, a leading service provider known for its secure and efficient cross-chain solutions.

  • Launch Date: July 4th, 2024
  • Bridge Provider: Wormhole
  • Transition Period: The bridge will remain open for a full year, ensuring ample time for all users to migrate their tokens.


We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm.

These steps are designed to strengthen the $LITT ecosystem, enhance the value of our token, and ensure our flagship game, CyberTitans, thrives in a dynamic and expanding market.

Follow our updates for detailed instructions on the migration process, and mark your calendars for July 4th, 2024, to ensure you're ready for the token migration.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Let's continue to drive innovation, growth, and success within the Elixir Games and $LITT ecosystems.

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