Getting Started Mar 20, 2022

It's finally here, the minting day is final. So book on your calendar this date! Get your SOLs in your Phantom wallet ready before the minting day! We are launching in Magic Eden, the largest NFT marketplace in Solana.  Characters are landing in Light Nite X now renamed as Paladins. In this article, we will go over the main points about this new NFT collection.

We do not have an estimated amount of minting price, we will announce it 1 week before the mint. We know is between the range of $200-$300. If you are part of an XNITE, OG or VIP pass then, you may have whitelisted benefits, additionally to the accumulated rewards from our weekly events. Look all the benefits here.

If you have stacked some NFTs during our events, they will be airdropped to your Solana wallet provided when submitting your pass. You can see if you stack some rewards in the rewards spreadsheet. We update this document on the weekly basis.

Light Nite Legacy Ship will be refurbished into a Light Nite X cosmic pod for Paladins
Light Nite Legacy Ship will be refurbished into a Light Nite X cosmic pod for Paladins


Staking and Earning $XNITE

$XNITE will be the main currency of the Light Nite X multiverse and will be earned in many ways such as lending, staking, in-game rewards, and much more!

$XNITE can be used for DAO Auctions, and to purchase in-game emotes, skins, DLCs… It will also be used for Episode 1 and can be traded in a DEX/CEX. Exact tokenomics will be released closer to the launch of staking.

Light Nite X Paladins

Inspired by Rick & Morty, we invite you to be part of the Light Nite X multiverse, where x number of parallel dimensions from reality are interconnected due to an unknown cosmic event. Humans from different parallel universes meet at the Light Nite island to play the Multiversal Olympic Games aka battle royale & Deathmatch.

Due to the different dimensions of reality, the diversity of Light Nite X paladin's complex life forms brings new gameplay mechanics, passive abilities & map interactions based on each different paladin genetic code.

Customize your Paladins

Skins from weapons, armor, hoverboards, emotes and more in-game content will be airdropped to current Light Nite X Paladins holders and will grant access to the Simulated Capsule, an inventory system to display & customize your Light Nite X paladin with its respective in-game weapons, emotes, etc. Create different variants from your paladin and tailor your gaming experience to gameplay type!

DAO Member

Light Nite X holders will have different valuable incentives & voting rights on the direction of the game. We are providing different types of rewards for our DAO members, from exclusive limited editions of comic series about Light Nite X to different collectables, merch & airdrops. Join the gang!

The Future of Light Nite X

Through the Light Nite X multiverse, our team has been laying the foundations for a universe we are building every day that has the potential to be massive in scale in the battle royale & deathmatch genre. After 3 years of development, and many more yet to come, we hope to connect together with an entire world rich with lore, utility, playful experiences, and most importantly, community. The possibilities are endless, the world we are building together can branch through various types of media such as comics, esports teams & tournaments, animated shows, toys, and much more. What we can tell you is this: We are dedicated to seeing you through all of it.


Carlos Roldan

CEO & Founder at Satoshis Games INC

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